David S. Levine who give the amazing solution to the orthopedic problems

Nowadays, people are facing different kinds of orthopedic problems and that leads them to struggle do their daily works. In this situation, consulting the orthopedic surgeon is the wise choice to stay away from all serious issues. Are you facing these problems and searching the perfect place? Then here is the amazing choice for you and that is David S. Levine. This is the hospital for the surgery for the orthopedic problems. Here, David S. Levine is the MD of the hospital and he is specialist in the orthopedic surgery and handling the problems of foot and ankle problem is his subspecialty. He got many awards for his incomparable medical service. If you want to know more about Dr. David Levine then go and visit his official website.

All about Dr. David Levine

Dr. David Levine is the MD of David S. Levine hospital and they are giving the amazing solution for orthopedic problems. If you have this problems then visit this hospital to get the permanent and the good result of your problem. David was born in New York City and he finished his graduation in the Cornell university college of arts and science with distinction in all subjects in the year of 1988. He attended the medical college of Weill Cornell to achieve his degree in the year of 1992. Then he was moved to the University of California to attend the general surgery internship.

After this he had return to the New York City to start the orthopedic surgery hospital in the year of 1993. In the year of 1997, for his excellence in orthopedic he got the jean C. McDaniel award. He got the fellowship training in orthopedic trauma & the reconstructive surgery of the ankle and foot from Washington medical center university. And also he got many awards which are related to his medical service and that is listed below.

  • Jean McDaniel award in the year of 1997
  • Campbell Thompson award in the year of 1992
  • American’s Top doctors award in the year of 2016.
  • America’s most honored professional award in the year of 2016

These awards are received by the Dr. David Levine for his excellent performance in the medical service particularly for foot and ankle problem.