Deep Insights about Singapore Employment Pass

You might be thinking to get EP plus incorporation option for business immigration to Singapore. But, do you know everything about it? It’s quite natural that you get various doubts regarding the application and/or process.Just ward-off all your doubts by reading the following post.

What and Why?

Let’s first with the introduction of employment pass. This is considered as the most privileged visa being granted to the foreign professionals.This top-class visa will be usually granted to the specialists, executives, and managerial people from abroad who are ready to contribute their expertise to the island-city. This is found to be a requirement for the professional migrants. Now answering why – this special pass would offer the recipients with a wide range of job opportunities. This makes it important for anyone looking to migrate to this island. Now, let’s see the other things about the subject matter.

Understanding the Features:

So, you’re applying for the pass for the 1st time? Then, remember that the max validity you would get will be two years. All the applications will be assessed on a case by case basis and hence, the validity will differ from one person to another. And importantly, you can also get it for less than two years. Next is your privilege to take your family with you. This would depend purely upon your sub-class. However, each of the members accompanying should apply individually.

It’s to be noted that visas would differ with situations. This makes it important for you to contact authorized agencies to assess your situation. With regards to EP, your employer adheres to the process. This is because a non-native could not go for it. So, it’s essential that your employer lodges for it.


As I said, the type would differ with eligibility. As such, you’ll be granted the ‘P1’ visa if you have the ideal education plus highly regarded expertise. Also, his/her expected earnings should be > 8000 S$. You’ll be given the ‘P2’ pass if you have the qualification and highly regarded professional expertise. Your prospective pay should be > 4500 S$.There is a 3rd category designed for the younger graduates who earned their graduations from identified institutions with expected salaries of ≥ 3300 S$.


I would say the main benefit would be the sub-class for younger graduates. With this opportunity, the younger people need not worry about working experience. They could easily start their careers on the island. At max, one would get two years eligibility for the 1st time. This comes with a special benefit of prolonging the stay for another three years.

Other benefits include traveling privileges the EP holders would get during their stay. Moreover, if you’re planning for a PR, then I would say the EP holders will be highly preferred. Just stay with this for five years and I assure that you can be there forever. However, you’re still eligible to apply for a PR after one year of stay itself. Finally, the major benefit of holding an EP is that you will be able to take your dear ones along with you!