solve offline message of a printer

Easy steps to solve offline message of a printer

Among the useful peripherals of the computer, the printer is the leading one. It is much useful at home as well as an office for many people who need to get printouts frequently. However, when it gets stopped and do not work as the expectation of the user, it really proves much irritating. There are many problems due to which the printer may not be able to work properly. It can be because of an old driver or software also, and hence one need to fix it immediately to make the printer work as expected.

Well, then, in that case,what are the steps to solve offline error in printer? Here are some points to help:

  1. As the first step one needs to reinstall the printer on the system as usually, it is one of the causes of the printer not working properly. One needs to go to the control panel and check the option of printer and faxes. Here one can see the printer option. One needs to click on it, and there will be the option of Remove. Just click on it and remove the printer. Now, one can restart the system. Go to the same option and add the printer. This will help to resolve the printer offline error.
  2. If the first option does not work, one can go for this option. One can update the drivers of the printer from the website of the printer manufacturer. To get the updates, one needs to visit the website of the manufacturer and offer the model of the printer. The drivers can be downloaded easily now. However, for the same an active internet connection is very much required. Once the drivers are downloaded, just install them and restart the system. Now the printer must be working.
  3. In the case of a wireless printer, the IP address of the system, as well as printer, must not clash and hence it must be taken care. In the case of a wireless printer, the IP of the printer as well as a router must also not clash. In such situation, one must change the static IP to avoid the offline error. The printer manual can be much helpful in this situation.
  4. Check the printer ink and paper. In the case of absence of ink as well as paper also the printer displays such message. Just check the paper and load the tray. In the case of absence of ink refill the cartridge, and restart the printer.
  5. If one runs the printer on a network check that he has chosen the right printer. In the case of multiple printers on the system, one must check if the same printer is selected as a default one or not. If not just make it default printer by clicking right click and set the default printer.
  6. In the case of a network printer, the firewall may also be a reason for such an error. In case one has Firewall program running on the system, just disable the same and try to have a test page.

Despite all these steps if the problem is still there, it is recommended to call an expert and set the printer.