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Organic baby skin care products – A ray of hope

A baby’s skin is naturally very soft and most beautiful. At their tender age their skin remains very delicate too. We shouldn’t try anything from the market upon them. They need properly checked products those are not harsh and harmful to them. Any random product seen from the TV doesn’t claim softness and youthfulness to their skin as claimed. So, parents should be aware of these TV ads.

Most of the time the parents are in a state of confusion of what products to opt for and what not to. The question is how do I know whether it is safe for my baby and whether it will be helpful for my baby in the long run or not. In the age of the internet lot of articles and blogs have emerged which each product going on to claim that they are better than others. So, do a research before you opt for one.

Then which products should be applied?

To keep baby’s skin nourished with lotions creams and other skin care products only organic skin care products for babies specially should be applied. Parents should not mistake with any product available in baby care range. Baby skin care products and organic skin care products should be compared with the percentage and quality of the ingredients used to make the product. Comparing the both the only winner will be organic skin care products.

Why organic baby care products should be chosen?

The baby care range easily available in the market contains artificial flavour, coloured petroleum gel, mineral gel or petroleum gel, mineral oil, and many times mild detergents (in baby soaps and shampoos). Some contains antiseptic, antibiotic or disinfectant agents like boric acid which purely a chemical. Prolonged contact with these chemicals even with adult skin may impact harsh effects on baby skin. They can block the pores, choke it, form an unwanted greasy layer on the skin which attracts a lot of dust and microbes. This continues to be absorbed deep inside the skin and cause irritations ending up drying the skin. More serious damage can happen as babies lick their skin, these harmful products cause stomach aches and vomiting.

But where there is darkness, a blink of light will be there. Organic baby skin care products are making its way to the forefront as the consciousness regarding harmful effects of traditional baby skin care products increases among the baby’s peers.

Products used in organic baby care products

  • Organic Water (Pure Water) – Boiled and filtered water is ideal and safe for babies. Since in boiled water least composition of oxides, carbonates, sulphates, chlorides and other chemicals are found.
  • Organic baby lotion and cream These uses only organic natural substances made from organic raw ingredients. The process is followed also an organic one and is packaged and preserved organically. No chemicals or synthetic substances are used. Organic beeswax, coconut water, olive oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, groundnut oil, essential oils, aloe Vera extract, herbal extracts are used in making.

Are these products available in India?

Indian National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) is a programme implemented by the Government of India which maintains standards for organic production and promotes organic farming. Though organic baby skin care products in India are slightly costlier they are widely available in almost every reasonably modern market.