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Should you or should you not give Vitamin K to your newborn?

We all are aware that vitamins are important for our health. When it comes to our baby’s health, as parents we all are concerned about providing right kind of nutrition to our baby’s so that they are healthy. But off lately, it is seen that many parents are refusing doctors to give Vitamin K shots to their new born babies and that too without knowing the consequences of it.

How does Vitamin K help in newborn?

Vitamin K is very important in controlling blood clotting in new born babies. Since babies do not get enough Vitamin K during the pregnancy period from their mothers or even while breastfeeding, the lack of the vitamin can lead a dangerous disease called Vitamin K Deficiency bleeding (VKBD). Due to this deficiency, there can be excessive bleeding in the brain which can lead to brain damage or even worse, death. Giving shots of Vitamin K in the first six months is very essential for the babies. Post six months, they would have the ability to build up their own supply.

Why do parents refuse?

Parents don’t realise the risks of withholding newborn vitamin K shots. Deficiency of Vitamin K is a serious problem. For years, parents around the world have been giving shots of Vitamin K to their babies. But in a recent study, it was found that vitamin K could lead to childhood cancer. However, later after many researchers found that there is no link of Vitamin K to childhood cancer. Hence, it is absolutely safe to give shots.

vitamin k

Options for giving the Vitamin

When we talk about newborns, the best and the safest way to give the dose is through injection. Right after birth, one dose is more than enough to keep the baby safe for several months. The other way could be to give the dose through mouth. However, giving vitamin K through mouth has not proved beneficial when compared to injection. But if you are too scared about your baby getting injected then you can try the oral form as well, that is through mouth. However, the effect of the medicine through mouth is not that effective. Therefore, you would need to give atleast 3 doses.

  • First dose right after birth
  • Second dose after a week of birth
  • Third dose a month later after the week of birth

Should you give Vitamin K to your baby?

This absolutely depends on the parent’s choice. If you choose to give the dose, then you are preventing your baby from a very severe disease and if you choose not to give the dose, then you must have strong reasons for refusal of newborn Vitamin K, because as parents you it becomes your duty to provide all the necessary vaccinations to prevent your baby from any kind of disease.

So, to sum it up, Vitamin K is an essential medicine that should be given to all the babies after their birth. Though mothers would be able to provide some via breast feed but vaccinating your baby is the best choice.