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Top 3 benefits of sending your toddlers to day care centres

People lead very busy life these days. They have their regular work and office where they spend a lot of time due to heavy work pressure. This becomes very difficult for those ladies who have become a mother. They do get a proper leave during the time of their delivery and post-delivery, but they need to join their work even before their child is at least a year old.

This is a very difficult situation when both the parents are working. They need a person to take care of their child for the entire day when they are working. But keeping a nanny is also not safe always. This is because; leaving your toddler with only a nanny at your house is always open to risk. So, baby care centres can come to your rescue in these cases. There are some day care centres in Thane where one can keep their babies, and they will take a good care of your baby.

It is true that many parents have a very low and guilty feeling keeping their baby at the day care and leaving them there for the entire day. But if you are working and have a toddler, then any day it is a better idea to keep them in a baby care or a day care centre. The truth is actually, there are lots of benefits when you keep them in a day care centre. First you have to make your child believe that you are sending them to one because they can learn a lot of things for going there. If you give them a vibe that you are sending them there only because you have to go to your work, this can have a negative impact on the baby.

day care centres

The benefits that a parent can gain from here are as follows.

  • If the child only stays and grows up at home, they get to interact only with their parents and the known faces that they see every day. But if they are sent to a day care on a regular basis, they get to know other kids as well. They grow up with the other toddlers and make friends with them. Yes, they may feel a bit disturbed with some but that does not matter. They will always gel with some of the kids and will start socialising at a very early age. The great point is, they will never shy away from teachers or other kids when they start going to a school.
  • Spending a few hours at day care away from their parents the child is actually getting prepared to go to a school. They will not cry to resist when they are sent to a nursery school as they will see other kids and teachers there. Sending your child to day care gives them a break from you. They will learn to stay from you at least for a few hours which they anyway have to do once they start going to a school.
  • The day care is a good place and the attendants there will help your child learn the basic things like alphabets, numbers, and colours. So basically, they also act as a preparatory school before the actual one starts.

There are some day cares in Thane and one can enrol their child there once they get to know how good it is.